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 1999. MSKgaming  set up

 2000. Opening of production factory for table gaming equipment and supplies

 2004. ET-SIC BO, ROULETTE, BIG WHEEL, LAYOUT, Game table production

 2005. Clay game chips meterial development

 2006. RFID TAG chips development

 2007. Display board, Roulette Wheel, ET-Super Wheel development

 2009. Baccarat auto shoe, Shuffle machine development

 2010. Plaques, jetons development

 2014. E-shoe auto development and GLI certification approval 

 2014. E-shuffler development

 2015. Exhibiting at G2E ASIA 2015 (Global Gaming Expo) 

 2015. Exhibiting at G2E 2015 LAS VEGAS

 2016. Exhibiting at ICE 2016 LONDON

 2016. Exhibiting at G2E ASIA 2016 (Global Gaming Expo)

 2016. Exhibiting at G2E 2016 LAS VEGAS (Global Gaming Expo)

 2017. Exhibiting at ICE 2017 LONDON